Transparency with Your Local Handyman and Why It’s Important

We’ve all been there before. You call a repair service or construction company and request work to be done. They arrive, do the work, and hand you an invoice for three times as much as you expected based on the initial conversation or what was marketed on the website. Not only are you feeling frustrated because your trust was broken, but now your wallet feels the burn as well.

When working with a handyman company, or any home service for that matter, transparency is everything. When someone shows up at your house you are trusting them with your home or business and most importantly your investment. You deserve to know what to expect.

The same goes in return for the company or person doing the work for you. They are operating a business and just like your time, theirs is valuable as well. Being honest with customers is in their best interest for quick payment and repeat business.

At the Handyman Company, we strive to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers based on transparency, honesty and reliability. There are no hidden fees. We tell you from the beginning what you’ll be paying for. We have our minimum charge and from there our fees are hourly and agreed upon before we start any work for you. We will also discuss the need for materials and drive time so that you have the option to pick things up yourself, or be billed back for these after the work is done.

We want to make sure that when we show up to start a project there are no surprises. Of course, things occasionally come up when you’re dealing with man and materials, but if something unplanned does occur, you’ll know about it before any changes to the plans are made. Communication is key, and when you work with us you can rely on great communication throughout the entire project.

From start to finish, you can rely on us to be upfront on expectations, time frame, and cost. This allows you to plan your budget and allows us to plan our time, so that we can give our customers the best service around the Des Moines metro area.

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