10 Fresh Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you’ve just moved into your home, or you’re putting it on the market, curb appeal means everything these days. You want the first look that people get of your home to make an impression, and while it seems overwhelming to create some major curb appeal, it doesn’t have to be. There are many easy things you can do to give your home a fresh face for the summer, and we are here to help make it even easier!

  1. Give Your Front Door a New Look: Painting your front door is the easiest way to give your home a new look. Choose a color that reflects the interior style of your home, and do a few coats to make sure it will last. There are so many colors that can work with every season, don’t be afraid to go bold!
  2. Dress Up Your Front Steps: Take a trip to your local thrift shop and start seeing what you can find. Old planters can be cleaned up and painted. Plant some flowers in them and use them to dress up your front stoop. If you have room, a rocking chair and a cute side table can really add some character and make it a much more inviting space. Lanterns are another fun idea, plus they light up the way for visitors.
  3. Trim the Greenery Back: Trees and shrubs that are planted close to your home can become an eyesore if not properly maintained. Trim back those trees and shrubs and let the light shine on your home! It’s amazing how simply cutting back some of the greenery can make your outdoor space feel brand new.
  4. Clean the Windows: Windows can get in rough shape after some snow in the winter and a rainy spring. Deep cleaning the windows and screens are important to both the curb appeal of your home and air quality during those nice days with the windows open. Cleaning the glass will brighten your home up.
  5. Install Outdoor Lighting: There are many types of outdoor lighting you can install at your home. Simple solar lit stakes are sold at every major big-box store and come in a variety of color and styles. Add them around your landscaping and up the path to your front door. Some of them even face toward your home, adding a spotlight effect that looks great.
  6. Upgrade the House Numbers: House numbers are sold in different fonts, colors and textures. Upgrading your address on your home will reflect your style and personality and give your home a fresh face.
  7. Add Some Window Boxes: Window boxes and some fresh flowers are a great addition to any home. Add different colors, textures, and height into the window boxes to really make them pop!
  8. Replace Gutters and Downspouts: Gutters and downspouts can become ugly fast when not cleaned on a regular basis. If your home’s gutters are not functioning properly, your foundation, landscaping, and interior walls can become damaged. Replacing gutters and downspouts will make your home look BRAND NEW, and protect your property for years to come.
  9. Power wash, EVERYTHING: Power washing your home from top to bottom not only makes your home look great, but it is important maintenance to do on a regular basis. Cleaning the siding, front steps, sidewalks and driveways is truly a game-changer for your home’s appearance.
  10. Renew Your Landscaping: Landscaping is probably the most important part of curb appeal. Bad landscaping can literally scare people away from your home. It’s important to get out in your yard and pick weeds, plant some fresh flowers, and keep up with your mulch or stone.


Keeping up with home maintenance can be time consuming and stressful, but it is crucial to both keeping your home in good shape and your resale value. We know it’s not always easy to find time to get to the projects you want to do most, and we are here to help take that off your plate. Call The Handyman Company – we’ll take care of your to-do list for you, and your home will look the best it’s ever looked!



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